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The Happiness Index (2011)

Pencil or watercolour on paper

70 x 100 cm, 70 x 50 cm


16 November 2011 – 26 December 2011

The Private Museum, Singapore, 2004



The Private Museum presents an exhibition featuring the works of local artist, Ye Shufang, who delves into the world of the ordinary to bring out the hidden meanings of experiences in everyday life. Drawing her inspiration from the ephemeral and the ‘ready-made’ in art, this exhibition features her past 15 years of research interest and art practice; a development of Shufang’s artistic practice as she moves away from her familiar trademark ‘agar-agar’ temporal installations. 


Born in Singapore, Shufang pursued her education locally at Lasalle College of The Arts. It is perhaps this closeness to home that inspired the recurring elements of nostalgia and local references in her work, such as the use of agar-agar which is reminiscent of childhood treats made by her mother. 


Displayed in this exhibition are recent drawings which reflect a significant shift in Shufang’s choice of medium. Executed on paper with pencil or watercolour, they are delicate and precise, depicting sentimental images. With a sense of classification apparent in the grids, texts and titles, the drawings aim to capture momentary-type experiences through the use of existing imagery.  


Despite taking a different form, Shufang’s new works are a continuation of her exploration on her research interests, which in contrast have remained consistent over the years. The themes of the ready-made and ephemerality are not new to the art world, yet Shufang manages to prove that there are still unexplored methods to reinvent her artworks in today’s context.



Poh, Lindy. "An instrument for making a million curves: an Interview with Ye Shufang", The Private Museum, 10 October 2011.



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