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Selected Interviews and Media Features




Foo, Alex. "Exhibition Review: Ye Shufang's The Loss Index II", Artitude, 29 March 2016.



Martin, Mayo. "Medium At Large | 4/5", Today Online, 26 April 2014.

Jufri, Zaki. "On Show: Wayward art",, 23 April 2014.

周㕍冰. “挑战你的想象”, LianHe ZaoBao Now, 8 July 2014.



Seng Yu Jin. "Un-tracking Immeasurable Fields: Artist as Resistant Subject", The Private Museum, 28 March 2013.

Huang Lijie. "Adieu to agar-agar art", The Straits Times, Life! People, 15 April 2013.

Wong, Susie. "Measuring The Infinite", Pulse, April 2013.

Chia, Adeline. "See but Don’t Eat: Ye Shufang’s Jelly Art in 'The Loss Index'", Feature, Blouin ArtInfo,  April 2013.

Zhou Yan Ping. "Farewell to Agar-agar kingdom", Interview and feature, LianHe ZaoBao, May 2013.
Wong, Susie. "Measuring the Infinite", Interview and art feature, d+a, June 2013.


Kwok Kian Chow. "100 Favorite Artworks of 2011", Bazaar Art Journal, January 2012.



"50 Movers and Shakers of Singapore’s Art Scene", ranked 11 in special feature, Time Out, January 2011. 

Poh, Lindy. "An instrument for making a million curves: an Interview with Ye Shufang", The Private Museum, 10 October 2011.



Chen Wei Li, Miak Aw Hui Min. "Culture and Food in Singapore", Journalism Studies Research Project, Nanyang Technological University.

De Rozario, Tania. "Singapore’s Food Art specialist", Interview and special feature, Time Out.



Gunalan Nadarajan, Russell Storer and Dr Eugene Tan. "Contemporary Art in Singapore", Institute of Contemporary Art.

Chee Mei Jiun. "The Practice of Tactical Art by Women Artists in Singapore", MA Thesis, University of Sydney.



Teo Pau Lin, "Black Magic", The Sunday Times, Taste, 5 September 2004.

Leow, Gregory. “Have your cake and eat it, too”, The Straits Times, Streats, 10 September 2004.

Chow, Clara. “Serving up a slice of life”, The Straits Times, Life! Arts, 14 September 2004.

Goh K.K. "摆摆蛋糕也是艺术" trans.: "Displaying Cakes as Art", LianHe Zaobao, Interview and feature, 16 September 2004.

Goh K.K. "LASALLE SCHOOL", Interview and feature. LianHe ZaoBao. 

Oliverio, Melanie. Radio interview, NewsRadio 93.8, Singapore.

"Singapore Artists in Asian Art Biennale", National Arts Council, Singapore.

"PROJECT : small sweets", Asia Art Archive, Cemeti Art House, Indonesia.



"Art Nation, Season 5, Episode 1", Interview and episode feature, Arts Central, Mediacorp TV, Singapore.

"orientations : a room of small gestures", Live radio interview, Passion, Singapore.

‘Pameran Seni Serat “Tali Ikat”, Kaleidoskop Archive International Fiber Art Exhibition, "Tali Ikat: Fiber Conections".

"TALI IKAT: Fiber Connections", Craft Culture, May 2003.



"Serat-seart itu memunculkan beragam ide…", Report, Solo Pos Newspaper, Indonesia.

"Keajaiban Serat di Tangan Perupa Multibangsa", Report, Yogya, Bernas Dail Newspaper, Indonesia.

Kresno, Ari. "Karya instalasi", Report, Jawd Pos Jogja Newspaper, Indonesia.

"Hard won acclaim for Asian women artists in Copenhagen", Feature, The Copenhagen Post, Denmark.

Klausen, Anne-Mette. "Kraftfuld asiatisk kunst I Nikolaj", Denmark.

"Imaginaire Feminin: 5th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations Opens Tomorrow", OPEN2002, Venice, Italy. 

Nayer, Parvathi. "Glimpses of globalisation", Review, The Business Times, Asia.

"President’s Young Talents Exhibition", Newsroom, Singapore Art Museum, National Heritage Board, Singapore. 



Aftonbladet, Puls. "Konst Uppåt Väggarna", Stockholmsupplaga, 7 September 2001.

Jacques, Rachel. "The President’s Young Talents Exhibition", The Arts Magazine, Jul-Aug Issue.

"Text & Subtext: International Contemporary Asian Women Artists", Ivan Dougherty Gallery, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2000. 

"Floating Chimeras", Contemporary Asian Art, Edsvik Art and Culture Centre, Sollentuna, Sweden. 

"Text & Subtext", Varldskultur Museerna, Ostasiatiska Museet.   

Sian E. Jay. "President"s Young Talents Exhibition", Review, Asian Art News, Asia.

Karlstam, Cristina. "Asiatisk Konstvind over Stockholm", Interview and feature, Upsala Nya Tidning, Sweden.

Hedstrand, Sonia. "Floating Chimeras”, Interview and feature, Dagens Nyheter, Sweden.

Wennström, Karin. "Floating Chimeras", Interview and review, Avisen, Sweden.

King, Natalie. "USEby: An Asia Pacific artist initiative in Melbourne", Issue 30, Art AsiaPacific, Asia.

Sharleena. "Women, art and…giraffes", Review, d+a (Asia).

Sian E. Jay, "Fresh Ideas from 10 Young Talents", Report, The Straits Times, Singapore.

Quek Lee Kiang. "Bringing the Audience Closer to Art", Interview, LianHe ZaoBao, Singapore.

Purushothaman, Venka. "Engaging Art in the Community", Review, sh, Singapore.

"USEby : Asia Pacific Artist Initiatives Project", 2000/2001.



Wong, Susie. "Notions of Walking", Pulse, January 2000.

"USEby : Asia Pacific Artist Initiatives Project", Live radio interview, Triple R, Melbourne.

Wong, Susie. "Playing Hide and Seek", Review, d, Singapore.

Brown, Rhiannon. "Text & subtext", Live radio interview, ABC Radio National, Melbourne.

Nayar, Parvathi. "Art and the Asian woman", Review, The Business Times, Singapore.

Longhurst, Derek. "But is it Art?", Television interview, One small island, Singapore.

"a wall drawing", Live radio interview, Passion, Singapore.

Bosco, Don. "Agar-agar Art", Interview, Eat! Singapore.

Nuridsany, Michel. "Singapore - Emergence of a new artistic scene", Review, Le Figaro, France.



Low Sze Wee. "Go ahead, stomp on the art", The Straits Times, Life! , 13 December 1999.

"Topographies", radio interview, Passion, Singapore.

"MFA Graduate Exhibition", Television interview, A.M. Saturday, Singapore.



"New Generation Artists", Report, CNN Asia.



Ho, Janet. "Hop aboard a van, read giant-sized diary", The Straits Times, Cover Story, 8 May 1997.

Sim Chi Yin. "Installation art that breaks new ground", The Straits Times, Arts/Entertainment, 26 May 1997.

"LOOK", Television interview, A.M. Singapore. Singapore.

Warner, Fara.  "Asia aims to create a new product : Ideas", Interview and front page feature, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Asia.

"New Criteria 5", Television interview, A.M. Singapore, Singapore.



Wong, Susie. "Rites of passage for 12 young artists", Interview, The Straits Times, Singapore.

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