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The Black Forest Cake Project (2004)

A solo exhibition of Black Forest cakes (with the participation of hotels, cafes and bakeries)


8 – 18 September 2004

Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore 2004     



The consumption of cake on ceremonial occasions has its basis in ancient and religious rituals.  The Greeks, English, Chinese, Celts, Slavs, made their cakes at particular times of the year, to honour various gods and deities and to celebrate seasonal cycles. Today, we continue to make/ buy/ serve/ consume cake to commemorate birthdays, weddings, and other significant occasions.     


In this exhibition, the Black Forest cake serves as an example of how traditions, histories and cultures can be experienced in a simple cake, perhaps as important as that which can be experienced in art.  The Black Forest cake has travelled through time, across countries and cultures to become one of the most common and popular cakes in Singapore.


A very pertinent aspect of this exhibition is that the cakes presented as a result of a series of dialogues between the participant and the artist.  Having contacted and spoke with over 80 hotels, cafes, bakeries and independent  bakers, the list below reflects the number of participants who were interested to collaborate on this project : 


Angie The Choice

Cake Avenue

cedele by bakery depot

dotipoko bakeshop


Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

Hilton Singapore

Karen Cheok

Mayson Bakery

Secret Recipe

Singapore Marriott Hotel

Sweet Secrets Pastry Shop

The Patissier


Equipment supplied by Lowe Refrigeration.



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