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orientations : a wall drawing I, II, III, IV, V (2001-2003)

White chocolate tinted with food dye, painted on gallery walls

Dimensions variable

Text & Subtext, Contemporary Asian Women Artists.


Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore, 2001 

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Australia, 2001

Ostasiatiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2001

The Stenersenmuseum, Oslo, Norway 2002

The Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark  2002

X-Ray Art Centre, Beijing, China  2003



This is a continuing series of wall installations that uses chocolate as material and cooking as process.   The documentation of these installations works will be combined to form a work entitled ‘orientations : a wall drawing’, a chocolate installation that would have covered over 20 metres and several countries.


A set of cooking instructions accompany the work, in the same way setting-up instructions would accompany any travelling art-work.  At the end of each exhibition, the work would be scraped off the wall and disposed off, such that every venue/country houses a different work each time.



Aftonbladet, Puls. "Konst Uppåt Väggarna", Stockholmsupplaga, 7 September 2001



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