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PROJECT : Honey Sticks (6,425) (2014)

Installation with 6,425 honey sticks, 16.7 cm each


Medium At Large, Singapore Art Museum commission, 2014



This installation comprises 6,425 honey sticks - the significance of the number lying in the fact that there were 6,425 registered births in 1941, the year that the artist's parents were born. With each birth and the beginning of new life is the attendant notion of the passage of time, and death, although these unpleasant and uncomfortable realities are seldom contemplated or acknowledged. 


Project: Honey Sticks (6,425) extends artist Ye Shufang's use of ready-mades and her interest in the ephemeral through the use of perishable materials. Visitors are invited to take and consume the honey sticks from the dispenser, experiencing the viscosity and the intensity of flavour on their tongue. With visitor participation over time, the level of honey sticks will gradually fall and the vibrant colour of the work slowly drains away, until all that is left is an empty container, standing solitarily like an epitaph.



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