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The Loss Index II (2016)


18 March – 15 May 2016

The Private Museum, Singapore, 2016



In celebration of the International Women's Day, The Private Museum is proud to present The Loss Index II by Singaporean artist, Ye Shufang. A gasp, a slow release, breathing, stopping... Breathing patterns, the sound of breathing, the act of breathing becomes very apparent when one is struggling to breathe. It takes only a a few quick seconds to realise and recognise when breathing has stopped; with all its finality. But the realisation of the magnitude of loss is felt very slowly. It is an acutely painful, cruelly slow and unpredictable realisation. 


The Loss Index II is a new series of artworks and Shufang's third exhibition at The Private Museum, following The Happiness Index (2011) and The Loss Index: Perishables and Other Miscellanea (2013), where the artist presents her attempts at creating indexes to measure emotions. 


This exhibition features a new installation using honey as material to explore the theme of loss.



Foo, Alex. "Exhibition Review: Ye Shufang"s The Loss Index II", Artitude, 29 March 2016.



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