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PROJECT : small sweets (2004)

A solo exhibition of drawings and sweets

Magic marker on paper


Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2004



A series of 14 drawings (100 x 120 cm) were installed in the gallery.  These drawings, drawn with magic-markers, depicted a variety of sweets that can be found in Singapore, including a detailed listing of the ingredients of each sweet.  


A low wooden container (50 x 20 x 170 cm) filled with Styrofoam beads and sweets was installed in the middle of the gallery.  Visitors are able to run their hands through the beads in the container to “lucky dip” for sweets.  They can refer to the drawings for detailed ingredients of the sweets before deciding if they would consume the sweets.  


The artist’s mailing address was listed in the gallery to enable interested parties to exchange sweets through the mail.



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